Since 1959 Tozzo Arredamenti has been the ideal partner for people who want to furnish their living spaces in a creative, refined and personalised way in the Legnano area, a city located only a few kilometres from Milan. Our goal is to design a unique, beautiful and welcoming houses, tailored to the style, personality and needs of each customer. Let a dynamic and competent team follow you at every stage of the design process, a staff of specialists that knows how to interpret, down to the smallest detail, the beauty of the best "Italian style".


Our team is here to cater to all your needs and to help you make your dream home a reality. Here are all the personalised services that we provide to our customers:


Our designers are world famous Italian professionals that will help you in every phase of the project. Starting with the division of the spaces to the choice of the architectural structures, from the renovation of a country house to that of a Metropolitan Loft, our team is here for you, so you don't have to worry about anything. Our team of designers will follow every phase of the work for you, including bureaucratic procedures, which will give you lots of free time, away from stress and worries of all kinds.

Interior decorators and light designers

Our interior designers are professionals who are experts in every aspect of home decor. They take into deep consideration the needs of each customer, they are attentive to styles, and they are always updated on the latest trends in colours, materials, and finishes. Let them guide you through the fabulous and fascinating world of design, and you will see your ideal home become a reality, step by step.

Home shopper

We offer our customers a unique chance of having a personal shopper. Our interior designer will guide you through the choice of objects, fabrics, and decorations that best suits your style and your home. They will organize on your request visits to the most renowned company showrooms and they will even help you choosing the perfect works of art for your home.

Exclusive hospitality

At Tozzo Arredamenti, a showroom based in Canegrate and Legnano, we serve customers from all over the world with extreme care and professionalism. For this reason, we offer an exclusive deal that includes dinner and an overnight stay in Milan for foreign customers who want to buy furniture for their homes in Italy.

Delivery and assembly worldwide

We don't set limits in terms of distances. No matter where your home is, Tozzo Arredamenti will ship your furniture directly to you, ensuring a fast and safe delivery all over the world. We also offer you a professional furniture assembling service, operated by teams of experienced, precise and attentive craftsmen, who work according to our high-quality standards.